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Experienced Los Angeles criminal defense to protect your reputation and keep you out of jail

Most people never expect to find themselves at the mercy of local, state, or federal law enforcement and prosecutors, but, when threats of criminal charges arise, Geragos Law Group in downtown Los Angeles is here to defend your dignity and fiercely assert your rights and best defense. Attorney Matthew Geragos has over 25 years of experience in aggressively representing clients in Los Angeles and beyond, and he will undertake all available legal strategies to defend you or a loved one in all criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Don’t Go it Alone

Too many individuals make the grave mistake of trying to handle matters on their own when faced with a criminal investigation and/or arrest, and often incriminate themselves in the process. By asserting your right to an attorney at the first sign of a criminal investigation and contacting Geragos Law Group, we will immediately step into action to aggressively defend your constitutional rights in all encounters with law enforcement and begin laying the groundwork of your best possible defense to all potential criminal charges.

Dedicated to Your Future

People make mistakes, but when the law gets involved, you can face years of damage to your reputation and career prospects if convicted, not to mention jail time and high criminal fines and fees. At Geragos Law Group, we are personally dedicated to seeking the best possible outcome for each and everyone of our clients and are committed to zealously pursuing all legal strategies and defenses to put the situation behind them as quickly as possible through a dismissal of charges, not guilty verdict, or favorable agreement with prosecutors.

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