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When the flashing police lights reflect in your rearview mirror, and you are pulled over to the side of the road and arrested for a DUI in California, it is understandable to feel hopeless. The humiliation of being brought into a police station and having your car towed mixed with the shame of having to break the news of a DUI arrest to family members and close friends can leave you feeling defeated and powerless in fighting back. But there are in fact a number of options for defendants facing DUI charges to take in responding to DUI charges, and the consequences of simply throwing your hands up in the air and not asserting your rights can be tremendous. The DUI criminal defense attorneys of Geragos Law Group have a deep understanding of how DUI criminal actions are charged and prosecuted in Los Angeles County and beyond, and can bring that experience to bear in defending you in all DUI-related proceedings to protect your reputation, defend your rights, and work towards the best possible resolution to your DUI matter.

The Consequences of a DUI Conviction

Whether you plead guilty to a DUI or are convicted of a DUI at trial in California, the consequences can be far greater and long-lasting than most people ever imagine, including:
  • Up to six months in county jail
  • A maximum of five years probation
  • Fines between $390 and $1000
  • Court costs and fees, which are often higher than the fines
  • Mandatory alcohol counseling classes
  • License suspension
  • Mandatory installation of an IID (interlock ignition device)
  • Suspension of your California driver’s license for up to 10 months
  • Increased insurance rates, which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars over the years
  • A criminal record that is visible to employers and others

Experienced Counsel to Manage Your DUI Defense

When you work with the DUI criminal defense team at Geragos Law Group, we will do whatever it takes to pursue outcomes which either result in minimal criminal consequences or no criminal record whatsoever. Our experienced defense lawyers will examine the circumstances of your arrest and the evidence presented against you to assess your best strategies for your defense, which can include:
  • Lack of police justification in stopping your car
  • Illegal checkpoint procedure
  • Unreliable or insufficient police procedures in measuring your BAC
  • Insufficient evidence of BAC or DUI
  • Other questionable police tactics
  • Negotiating for a favorable plea agreement
  • Presenting positive facts in your favor to reduce and minimize penalties
As veteran litigators in the Los Angeles criminal courts, we have the experience, sophistication, and skills to effectively counsel you on the circumstances you are facing in your DUI matter and take effective action in your favor.

Take the First Step in Defending Yourself to CA DUI Charges

At Geragos Law Group, our criminal defense team has decades of experience in providing aggressive representation and experienced counsel to those in the unfortunate position of facing DUI charges in Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California. We are here to listen to your story, assess your best options for defense, and take decisive action to defend your rights and reputation while pursuing a positive outcome. Contact a member of the Geragos Law Group today to get started on your defense to DUI charges.

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