While we’ve all been in a fender-bender here and there in our lifetimes, a serious car crash involving injury can have an enormous financial, physical, and emotional impact on you and your family for years. This is especially true when the injuries you suffer include broken bones, collarbone fractures, back injuries, whiplash, spine and spinal cord injuries, loss of limbs, nerve damage, or traumatic brain injuries. But by working with an experienced car accident attorney in pursuing a lawsuit for your injuries, you can do everything possible to make sure you are getting the compensation you deserve for your car crash injuries. Below is a brief discussion of what factors into the compensation that is available in a lawsuit for your car crash injuries.

Damages That May Be Awarded to a Car Accident Plaintiff

If another car or truck driver was negligent in causing the accident – meaning that they failed to use reasonable care and this led to your injuries – then they can be liable to you for a variety of financial losses that you have suffered and will suffer over your life, including:

  • Your lifetime cost of medical bills to treat injuries (including aggravation of old injuries)
  • An amount of money commensurate with the pain and suffering you have and will endure from your injuries (including aggravation of old injuries)
  • The loss of wages and income from any inability to work or reduced ability to work at your previous level
  • Property damages to your car and other personal property
  • Punitive damages where a defendant acted egregiously or intentionally

Factors Affecting a Car Accident Plaintiff’s Award

There are additional factors, however, that will affect the actual amount of money you are able to recover for the above damages. These include:

  • How clearly your attorney can establish fault on the part of the defendant (contacting an attorney as soon as possible after an accident is important here)
  • Whether your own actions played a role in causing an accident (this can reduce your award, but your attorney can defend you against such claims)
  • How willing you or the defendant are to settle the matter before going to court
  • How skilled, experienced, and committed your personal injury attorney is in presenting a compelling case for fault and your full range of financial damages to which you are entitled

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